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Social media not only helps you connect with your customers, it increases brand awareness, builds reputation and boosts leads and sales. With over 80% of internet use on Facebook, it’s not hard to see why social media marketing should be at the core of every businesses’ marketing strategy. Hula Media has a dedicated team of social media experts, who are passionate about getting results for your business.

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Hula Media works with businesses across the country formulating social strategies which get results. Simply posting content on social media doesn’t work. In order to reach new customers, increase engagement and achieve revenue growth, strategic plans need to be implemented. Our team knows the right type of content to increase engagement and can formulate strategies to drive revenue growth for your business. 


Facebook and Instagram ads are an integral part of social media marketing. Facebook ads allow you to target specific audiences, which lead to an increased conversation rate. It also allows you to remarket to people who have already interacted with your website. Facebook advertising increases leads and brand awareness and provides the most competitive click through rates. Our team are experts in creating Facecbook advertising campaigns that grow your awareness and revenue.



Hula’s team of content creators are passionate about producing engaging content that will get your business noticed. Our team works with small and large businesses creating video and photo content which can be used across social media, on your website and as Facebook advertising material.

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Hula keeps you up to date with monthly social media analytic reports, which detail results of advertising campaigns, growth on social media and details of where your advertising budget was allocated. The in-depth report helps you understand which campaigns were most effective and allows Hula to evaluate results and re-strategise each month to ensure growth.

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